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Life Coaching Certification Programme

A Complete Life Coach Certification Course in the Main Concepts, Methodologies & Core Principles of Life Coaching.

As a Life Coach, you will learn how to make contribution into other people's lives, helping them to overcome their challenges without forget about move closer towards achieving their goals aspirations. By helping other people you will naturally work on yourself. Your interpersonal skills will develop as you learn new life strategies, principles and undoubtedly deal with many of your own greatest challenges along the way.

The main role that a Life Coach plays is in helping others to move away from where they don't want to be in life and towards where they do want to be instead. Training to become a Life Coach not only helps you accelerate your own personal growth, but it also offers you the opportunity to enhance your current career.

In this Life Coaching Certification course, you'll discover how to:

Become an engaging, influential and inspirational communicator.
Become competent at identifying misplaced priorities and limiting beliefs.
Increase your sensory acuity and develop emotional awareness.
Use Life Coaching models to manage various emotional states.
Understand the fears and anxieties that hold people back in life.
Ask empowering questions to establish truth in all situations.
Develop stronger personal and professional relationships.
Use the provided Life Coaching tools to enhance your practice.
Modify undesired behaviours in yourself and other people.
Help clients to set meaning, fulfilling and achievable goals.
This Life Coaching Certification Programme teaches you all of the fundamental skills and tools required to begin your journey as a professional coach or add coaching skills to enhance the job you currently do.

There is no deadline on you finishing the course, you can fit the training in around your routine responsibilities and complete the qualification at your own speed. Anything from two to six months is typical and also very achievable. Upon completion of the course, you will have been presented will all of the most predominant core concepts, ideologies and techniques that the world's top Life Coaches use to facilitate positive change in themselves and the clients they serve.

What You Will Learn With Us?

Identify how people's brains handle, stores and manage information.
Influence how people think, feel, and behave in view of achieving their primary life goals.
Help clients overcome negative feelings, destructive thought patterns and bad habits.
Identify the common limiting beliefs and misplaced priorities that cause people major issues in life.
Use the full range of downloadable life coaching resources that come provided within the course.
Apply the full range of skills discussed throughout this course with confidence, on yourself and even on other people.


19.5 hours on-demand video.
3 Articles.
188 Supplemental Resources.
Full lifetime access.
Access on mobile and TV.
Certificate of Completion.
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