Awaken Your Heart, Creativity & Wisdom

Tracy Shefras. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I took Awaken Your Heart, Creativity & Wisdom course, because it is truth and makes perfect senses Such healing ways to cope with the self. What a fabulous course and clear ways of moving through our lives explained so well.

Colour Therapy

Katarzyna Ben Taleb. Los Angeles, California.

Colour Therapy was wonderful course .I loved all aspects of it.I liked the way , which course is presented - very easy to follow and understand. I liked content and lots of interesting subjects was mention here.

Life Coaching Certification Programme

Gayle Starling. Houston, Texas.

The teacher is exceptional, in that he communicates his caring about people as well as his knowledge. The course Life Coaching Certification Programme is loaded with valuable information to learn methods of helping others.


Rick Gramaje. Phoenix, Arizon.

I took Neuroplasticity: How To Rewire Your Brain Very informative and helpful! It all starts with the mind. I'll definitely recommend this to my friends. A HUGE VALUE, both monetarily$$$ and personally.

Radical Acceptance

Daedre Decker. Oxford, Mississippi.

I'm really enjoying Radical Acceptance course so far. The pace is perfect and I love the blend of stories, reflections and meditations. I just completed this course. It was wonderful!

Therapeutic Art

Amal Wahib. Boston, Massachusetts.

I took Therapeutic Art Drawing, Painting and SelfExploration course, great creative caring for oneself, depends where a person at she or he can use and adopt oneself, and create self healing.

Unleash Your Creative Mind

George Robert. Wilmington, Delaware.

Loved this step-by-step Unleash Your Creative Mind course. I was surprised to know that I am a right brain person and I am sure this knowledge can help me take better decisions in future.

Finding Your Life's Purpose

Richard Suzuki. Los Angeles, California.

Finding Your Life's Purpose course made me realize that I was on the right path but on the wrong way so now I'm clean, sporting, meditating and self developing more than ever.

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